Perkins Light Touch Electric Blue Brailler


Light Touch Electric Blue Perkins Brailler

Light Touch Electric Blue Brailler
The Light Touch Electric Blue enables Braille writing with much less force for longer periods of time

Main features
- 6-dots Braille
- Left and right margin adjustable
- Key stop at line end
- Acoustic signal 7 char. before line end
- Backspace key
- Line space key
- Carry handle integrated
- Reading table integrated
- Rubber feet for non-slip use

Technical Data
Paper Formats: DIN A4, 27*34cm
Paper Width Max.: 290mm
Paper Length Max.: 355mm
Line Space: 10mm
Character per Line: max. 42
Character Space: 6,15mm
Dot Space: 2,5*2,5mm
Size: 385mm x 235mm x 150mm (W x D x H)
Weight: 4.8Kg

Included in delivery
- Braille writer Perkins
- Dust cover
- Some paper
- Manual in ink-print
- Manual in Braille